New realization about NoFap

Today I failed again at the NoFap 30 day challenge and this wasn’t the first time and I have failed countless times.I binged today.

Meditation has helped but one thing I have realized now is that I have to go to the root cause of the pain and as long as I do not fix the root I will keep failing and failing.

And the root cause is pain.I use porn as a distraction to hide my pain to go away from my pain but now I have decidd that I will not run away from my pain instead I will run towards my pain.

I am taking a course on Alive Academy which teaches us how to deal with this pain.He doesn’t give any scientific examples and first I though he had no idea what he was talking about but then he told that he was the 1st mr world and mr Belgium so he isn’t some random dude.

He know’s what the hell he is talking about.

I have decided to live with this pain.

He tells us that we hide our pain by using different distractions(addictions)and the only way to get through is to go to the pain and face it head on.


The one habit that can change your life

We are creatures of habits and there are good habits and there are bad habits.

But then there are the best habits which can tremendously change your life and meditation is the best of best of all these habits.

The benefits of meditation:

Meditation is so useful because it increases your willpower and self-control which you can use to build other good habits.

Meditation will help you become more self-aware and studies have shown that meditation can increase grey matter in your brain.

Meditation can also be very useful for recovering addicts.It is the most useful habit a recovering addict can develop.

Meditation will eventually make you free of your own brain and you will eventually become more conscious of your own thoughts and actions.

It will also make your brain more calmer and more peaceful.

And the only way to become truly happy in life is by mindfulness and you can become more mindful through meditation.

Meditation will make you more kind.

Meditation will increase your attention span.

In the end the most solid reason for meditating is it will increase your self-control and make you a better person more than any other habit and you can use that self-control to start building other good habits.It’s a loop.

The dark side of meditation:

Meditation it isn’t all rainbow and fairies.Meditation can take you to the places you don’t want to go,make you see things you don’t want to see but that’s okay because if you want to improve yourself you have to endure pain and suffer.

You could experience disassociation(which I personally experienced),anxiety,horrible thoughts etc.

I am telling you this because you can know that it’s part of the process and it’s normal and not something that only you are experiencing.

Meditation will show you that how much of a bad person you are because you will be much aware of your thoughts.

How to do it:

There are many styles of meditation and you can learn them on youtube and on the internet but personally mindfulness meditation is the simplest,easiest and the best one for me.

Please watch Improvement Pill’s video on how to do it.

How to meditate

The NoFap 30 Day Challenge-Day 1

Today it was a success.The effects of meditation are finally kicking in.

This blog has become my new hobby and I now have a few followers who I can talk to.

Today I kept myself busy and was able to control the urges and cravings.Meditation and mindfulness has really helped me in this aspect.

I am also reading “Steve Jobs” by Walter Issacton for the past few days and this book has really taught me some important lessons and it has been fun to read.I have almost finished it.

I also play soccer now regularly and take a walk almost daily.

I have some trouble with learning Spanish but I am getting there.

All in all I am keeping myself busy and improving my self every day which is has helped me a lot.

I also need a new book to read.Please tell me if you have any suggestions for a good self-development book.

Why porn is bad for you

Porn is the new tobacco

Porn can seem harmless at first and the sad thing this is how most of the media portrays it. Many people potray it like that.They say that the people at NoFap have no idea what the hell they are talking about but in reality they are the one who have no idea what they are talking about.

I have never seen any teen in my life who hasn’t watched porn in his life and let’s suppose that half of them are addicted to it and my addiction I mean that your dopamine receptors are messed up and your brain reward system is not working like a normal one should and this results in the following consequences:

  • You feel no emotions.You are an emotional zombie.
  • You have little to no control over your impulses and even yourself.
  • You have very low energy levels.
  • You have nothing to be worried about.
  • It changes your mindset about woman and sex.

There are many more consequences of it but one of the most dangerous one is that it changes your mindset about woman and sex.It makes your mindset that woman are sexual objects.

And if you don’t believe me listen to any of the intellectual giants of our time.

Now I am not necessarily against masturbation but it can become boring and lead you to porn.This is like a whole loop.

I am not talking about this from a religious perspective.I talking about this from a general moral and scientific perspective.Here are some of the studies:

Scary effects of pornography

What porn does to intimacy

And these are trusted sources.

I think it’s time we start to talk about this issue more openly.I think it has proven to have many harmful effects scientifically but I think it is also morally wrong.

It’s better to do nothing than wasting your time doing nothing